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Ely HassanEly Hassan
08:27 09 Mar 24
We family of 5 ,booked the Northen Lights private tour + airport transfers with Sultan when we visited Iceland in Feb 2024.Sultan picked us from Airport during our arrival and have been kind enough to make a stop for us to grab dinner and some grocery before we head to our accomodation.Sultan was always in contact with us providing updates on aurora activities possibility.Lucky us that we got to see some aurora activities during our 2nd night in Iceland. While it is cold weather at night while waiting for the aurora, it is very much worth it. And he even took the photos for us with the aurora too!Sultan is very knowledgable while explaining to us about the aurora and remaining info of Iceland itself.A very warm person while he put the customers need first.Overall we are very satisfied with the service and would recommend their private tour for those prefer a customized travelling journey.
Natalie PiccoladonnaNatalie Piccoladonna
20:52 04 Mar 24
wonderful tour organized with "iceland paradise tour"! Adnan is a very helpful and kind person! He showed us enchanting places, gave us food and water and was of great help in everything! I recommend the tour and Adnan as a guide! Thanks for all!
Jacalyn PJacalyn P
00:57 28 Feb 24
We had an excellent experience with a northern lights tour with Sultan. It was relatively short notice due to weather conditions. He made adjustments to time and did a fantastic job finding a good spot to see the lights and capturing some great pictures. Thank you so much!!! (Wish we'd done more private tours with Sultan. Definitely the way to go.)
Julie DuffJulie Duff
18:47 27 Feb 24
Our group of 8 recently took a trip to Iceland with the northern lights being at the top of our list of things to see. We had reservations on 3 different nights with 3 different companies but they were all cancelled due to weather (we heard others did see the lights these nights). We reached out to Sultan at Iceland Paradise Tours as a last resort. He agreed to take us out and was determined to do everything he could to help us see the lights. He was extremely knowledgeable and knew the best locations. He had us wait in the van while he tracked the lights outside, alerting us when they became visible. We had a great time and Sultan took a lot of great pics!!! I’d highly recommend starting with this company!
Matt HunterMatt Hunter
21:17 22 Feb 24
I had an incredible experience on this Northern Lights tour in Iceland. Not only did I witness the stunning aurora, but I also captured amazing photos with their camera. To top it off, they treated us to delicious homemade hot chocolate and cookies, making the adventure even more memorable. Highly recommended for a magical Northern Lights experience!
Jennifer BanfichJennifer Banfich
13:05 08 Jan 24
We highly recommend Sultan. Booking private tours gave us the flexibility we wanted on our trip. We booked the South Coast tour and Northern Lights tour.Sultan was extremely knowledgeable about all of Iceland. On our last night, the lights came out and Sultan provided us with professional photos of our family at no additional charge. He loves what he does and it shows! We were happy to meet him and so relieved we made the right choice in going with Iceland Paradise Tours!
K SmithK Smith
09:39 31 Dec 23
Just back from 4 days in Reykjavik 🥰 we had a few poor experiences with it some of the bus travel tours, but I highly recommend Sultan Mahmoud- Iceland Paradise Tours! Sincerely regretted booking with greyline instead of this guy, as they cancelled our northern lights excursion due to unfavourable conditions and on the same night this guy found them for his group, after travelling to Iceland with hopes of seeing them I should have paid the little extra, however I did use him for the airport transfers as for 5 people he was cheaper than the buses and much less hassle! He kept in contact the whole time and was waiting in arrivals, fast and easy transfer to the hotel and back and loads of great advice about where to eat and things to do on the way. The south Iceland tour I booked was with bus travel Bustravel Iceland and the bus kept overheating so that caused a few issues including my son almost passing out(amongst others), to avoid disappointment next time I’ll will be booking with Sultan for a super reliable, hassle free trip
Khizra b:7_?6!4arzandKhizra b:7_?6!4arzand
01:01 21 Oct 23
Thank you so much Sultan the Guide for the South Coast trip. It was really a wonderful day spent with very professional and knowledgeable Guide. The whole trip worked well from beginning to end. We enjoyed a lot at different beautiful attractions.Thanks once again for making our trip memorable with your very professional photography skills.Highly recommended.
Zunera MehmoodZunera Mehmood
12:22 13 Oct 23
I booked a private tour with Sultan the Guide for the South Coast waterfalls and beaches. He turned out to be the best tour guide for the trip, arrived for the pickup on time and explained about the places really well. Also offered drone photography & videography. Highly recommended.

Embark on an enchanting journey with our Northern Lights tour, where we not only offer you the mesmerizing spectacle of the aurora borealis but also provide a complimentary photography experience worth $300. Our dedicated team captures the magic of the Northern Lights using high-quality DSLR cameras, ensuring that you have stunning memories to cherish forever. As you revel in the natural wonder, indulge in the warmth of our hospitality with a complimentary serving of hot chocolate and delectable cinnamon buns. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a chance to have your very own professional photoshoot with the Northern Lights, and the best part is, it’s all on us! So, let the lights dance above you, and allow us to capture the moment, creating a visual masterpiece that is truly priceless.

Northern Light - Complimentary

As the night draws to a close, the group returns to their starting point, filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude for having experienced the Northern Lights firsthand. The Northern Lights Day Tour in Iceland is not just an excursion; it is an enchanting journey into the heart of nature’s most extraordinary light show, leaving participants with memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Exclusive tour for a more personalized experience with experienced guides to maximize chances of seeing the aurora. We offer flexible itinerary to cater to your preferences ,Cinnamon Rolls and hot drinks provided for your comfort.



The ethereal dance of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a celestial phenomenon that enchants travelers from around the world. For those seeking a mesmerizing encounter with this natural spectacle, Iceland stands as one of the most sought-after destinations. A Northern Lights tour in Iceland offers a captivating journey into the heart of this otherworldly display, where the vivid colors of the night sky create a symphony of lights that leave a lasting imprint on the soul.


When to Catch the Mesmerizing Northern Lights in Iceland?

The prime period to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland spans from late August through late April. The allure intensifies as the nights grow darker, illuminating the skies with this celestial spectacle.

For optimal viewing, set your sights between 9 pm and 2 am, a window when the auroras often grace the horizon.

December boasts the lengthiest nights, with up to 20 hours of darkness, heightening your chances of encountering this awe-inspiring phenomenon. As daylight increases, the enchantment may wane, making the Northern Lights a magnet for winter travelers to Iceland.

Remember, our quest hinges on clear skies. Each night, we seek out cloudless pockets around the capital to maximize your chances of capturing this extraordinary display.

Embarking on the Tour

The Northern Lights tour in Iceland promises an enchanting adventure that commences as twilight descends upon the Nordic landscapes. With darkness blanketing the sky, participants gather to embark on a nocturnal voyage that delves into the heart of Iceland’s untouched beauty.

Northern Lights

Chasing the Lights

As the tour sets out, seasoned guides lead travelers away from the city lights and into the tranquil embrace of nature. These guides, well-versed in the nuances of the Aurora Borealis, provide insightful commentary on the science and folklore behind this awe-inspiring spectacle. They carefully select viewing spots based on weather conditions and solar activity, maximizing the chances of witnessing the captivating dance of lights.

Northern Lights

Nature’s Light Show

As the Northern Lights make their grand entrance, the night sky becomes a canvas painted with vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple. The sight of the swirling lights evokes a sense of wonder and reverence, as travelers stand in awe of nature’s most elusive masterpiece. The lights seem to move and sway to an invisible rhythm, casting an almost magical glow upon the landscape below.

Northern Lights

Capturing the Moment

With camera in hand, participants capture the ephemeral beauty of the Northern Lights. The camera’s lens captures the celestial ballet, creating photographs that serve as souvenirs of this extraordinary encounter. Yet, as any seasoned traveler will attest, no photograph can fully encapsulate the experience of witnessing the Aurora Borealis firsthand.

Northern Lights

Cultural and Culinary Interludes

The journey also offers glimpses into Icelandic culture and traditions. During the tour, participants are treated to stories of old myths and legends, enhancing the mystical aura surrounding the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

A Night to Remember

As the tour concludes, participants carry with them memories of a night illuminated by nature’s most captivating light show. The Northern Lights tour in Iceland remains an unforgettable experience, a harmonious union of natural beauty and human fascination. It’s a reminder that in a world often dominated by technology and fast-paced living, there are moments of tranquility and awe that defy explanation and transcend time.

Northern Lights



  • Our Private Northern Lights Tour is an incredible experience that takes you on a journey to witness one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena in the world.
  • This tour typically takes place in the winter months in regions near the Arctic Circle, such as Norway, Iceland.
  • During the tour, you will be taken to remote locations away from light pollution and given the opportunity to marvel at the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.
  • These colorful lights dance across the sky in a mesmerizing display of greens, purples, pinks, and blues.


  • WiFi
  • Free & Quality Photos of You with Northern Lights
  • Parking fees
  • Hot Chocolate & Cinnamon Rolls
  • Professional & Experienced & Multilingual Guide
  • Private & Spacious Vehicles
  • Pick Up & Drop Off from Reykjavik Downtown Area
  • Activities ticket and fee
  • Tip or gratuity
  • Drinks


3- 5 hours



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Reviews from travelers who enjoyed our tours

Lynn N
Lynn N
Seamless!!!! If you need a ride, this is your guy!!! From booking to completion, the whole experience was seamless!!! Communication was effortless which set my mind at ease…especially flying so far and to an area totally unfamiliar with!! Sultan reached out to confirm reservation and then again day prior to our arrival. When we landed, he was already there at arrivals waiting for us. The ride in itself from KEF to Reykjavik was like a tour in itself! He also referred a colleague for our transportation from our hotel to our cruise! This was also so convenient and absolutely helpful! Sultan was very personable, friendly, reliable and a wealth of information. We had already booked tours prior to booking our ride with him, if we ever go back, we will certainly book with this company!!! If u need a ride, a tour, a guide…don’t hesitate!! You won’t be disappointed!!!
raddy k
raddy k
10/10 I used these for airport pickup and drop off. They were on-time and professional. I recommend them. I also went out on an aurora spotting trip and although the aurora were elusive due to poor weather our driver did his best and drove us for 4 hours to several places to keep trying.
Excellent service, excellent tour . Don’t miss and book with Iceland Paradise Tours especially if you want flexibility. Amazing excursion. Our tour guide Sultan from Iceland Paradise Tours was professional, knowledgeable, and was excited to show us all the sites. We travelled with my mom who has very limited mobility and Sultan was helpful in getting her in and out of the van. I highly recommend this company, great customer service and Sultan brought us water and snacks as well.
Heidi F
Heidi F
A wonderful experience with Sultan What an amazing tour guide Sultan was. We received a recommendation to use him as our guide for our overnight stop in Reykjavík and couldn't have been happier. From the start he was very responsive and accommodating. We were a group of 4 that spent over 12 hours with him. From the pickup at the cruise port to the stops to see the waterfalls, to searching for puffins, to a quick change in itinerary from going to Diamond Beach (since he was just there the day before and there was nothing to see due to the warmer weather) and seeing Jökulsárlón (otherwise known as glacier lagoon) to see some of the most beautiful icebergband a surprise stop on the way back to see the church downtown. We couldn't have asked for a better guide or day. We highly recommend reaching out to Sultan for a wonderful and memorable experience.
Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour and airport transfer My teenage son and I had a great customized tour, including airport transfer and special day seeing the most amazing sites. We really enjoyed the hot spring, Hvammsik. We visited Kirkjufell mountain and waterfall, Djupalonssandur Beach, two sets of cliffs and the Vatnshellir lava cave! Our driver was very catering to us and treated my son like his own. Thank you for this special trip and the amazing pictures and memories.
Fantastic Family Adventure Our family just arrived back from an incredible first trip to Iceland and a friend asked what part was our favorite. How could we choose just one after exploring the Golden Circle, South Coast and Snaefellsnes peninsula with Iceland Paradise Tours! Sultan the Guide has a passion for sharing the beauty of Iceland and capturing your memories magnificently with his professional photos, as does his colleague, Abdelmajid Zaidy. We saw sweeping glaciers, rainbows in majestic waterfalls, mink whales off the coast of black sand beaches, incredible basalt columns, sparkling seas, quaint fishing villages, expansive lava fields and picturesque countryside with snug homes and adorable horses. We witnessed geyser eruptions, climbed down craters, braved mighty winds, drove through snow squalls, stood between tectonic plates, relaxed in a natural hot spring, got a closer look at an active volcano and hunted Northern Lights. Thanks to Sultan's dedication, we saw the Northern Lights on our second attempt! Fantastic Icelandic family adventure!
Philip E
Philip E
Amazing south coast trip! We just had an amazing 7 nights in Iceland. At first I found it quite overwhelming wondering whether to hire a car, who to do the tours with etc. Thankfully I saw a recommendation for Sultan of Iceland paradise tours. I had several conversations with him and told him what me and my family wanted to do. He listened, gave some great advice and told me that he could actually book everything for me which was great! I then received an invoice and he sent me over all the tickets for all the attractions. When we arrived we found him very friendly and accommodating, on all the tours we did with him he always added a few ‘surprise’ visits to beautiful locations that are very quiet and unspoilt! What I also loved about him was that he was very respectful that it was ‘our family holiday’ and would go off to have his lunch with the tour drivers but similarly would take the most amazing family pictures if you so wished! I would not hesitate to recommend him - in particular his passion and knowledge of the northern lights is second to none, he drove to several locations with us in order to not only find them but to get away from the crazy winds so he could take some brilliant professional photos for memories of our superb trip to this very special country! We would highly recommend anyone to use him if you want a stress free holiday and someone who is very knowledgable and helpful in ensuring you have a wonderful break, he absolutely loves to make his tourists happy and always goes the extra mile - providing snacks, drinks and hot chocolate too!
Kelly H
Kelly H
All inclusive, stress free trip! Just returned home from a wonderful trip. With a group of 8, it was difficult to decide on renting cars or to book excursions/transfers with a company. Even though we are all experienced winter drivers, we felt the drivers would not be able to relax and enjoy the sights as much. After reading so many positive reviews from Iceland Paradise Tours , we took the chance on turning our trip over to Sultan Mahmoud. We gave him a few ideas and he turned it into a fantastic itinerary. It was a great mix of scheduled tours and free time. Day 1 included airport pick up and drop off to our accommodation. That evening was a successful Northern lights tour with professional photographs and hot chocolate and some Icelandic treats. He knew the spots to go for the best chance of seeing the lights. Having a smaller vehicle also allowed for easier access to remote viewing areas. And if we hadn’t seen them that first night we arrived, we would have kept trying every night of our trip. On the way back to Reykjavik, the lights started dancing again and Sultan immediately pulled over for us to have another view and photo opportunity. Within 20 mins of being dropped off at our apartment, Sultan had sent us all the pictures he had taken that evening. This was only day 1 and we were beyond happy with our choice to book with Iceland Paradise tours. Day 2 we did the Golden Circle tour including a stop at Laxnes Horse Farm for a 2 hour ride. Day 3 was a day of much needed rest and to explore Reykjavik on our own. Day 4 included the South Coast tour with a few special surprises for us. Day 5 we had our morning free and went to Hvammsvik Hot Springs in the late afternoon. Day 6 was return transfers to the airport. We had door to door service in a comfortable van with plenty of room for luggage on airport transfers or room to bring a change of clothing or rain pants to take on/off at certain stops. Sultan knew the history of each area we visited and also the expertise of knowing which order for the stops to avoid major crowds for better picture opportunities. We never felt rushed at any sight and really enjoyed Sultan’s commentary. We never felt bombarded with constant narration or that our space was being intruded. It was a great mix of having a private guide/driver and also our own space. And most importantly, knowing we could stop when needed for restroom breaks!! We had compared the options of booking all individual transfers/tours and for the small price difference we decided to go with something more personal and convenient. There was no stress of finding meeting points or bus transfer locations each day. We were met at the front door of our accommodation and we didn’t have to think any further. Just sit back relax and enjoy. I only needed a camera at every stop as our all inclusive price included all entry fees. No worrying about standing in line or pre-booking activities. Sultan took care of everything. I highly recommend him if you want a small tour all inclusive experience. All I had to do was book flights and our accommodation. Sultan took care of the rest. I only had to budget for meals and souvenirs. I highly recommend Sultan and Iceland Paradise Tours. Initial contact was by email and then further calls and texts on WhatsApp. I never waited long for a reply. Even on our free days Sultan reached out to check in or to give us suggestions or tell us about possible Northern lights sightings from the harbor. We had such an amazing stress-free trip, thanks to Sultan. Every day I said this was my favorite day until the next day came 🤣. Looking forward to returning 🇮🇸
Meghan K
Meghan K
Exceeded Expectations The views, scenery, experiences were all simply stunning and amazing. The whole experience superseded anything I had remotely expected. Sultan was an organized, professional, and very friendly guide! Thank you!
Exceptional Private Tour Experience We are thrilled to share our exceptional experience with our reasonably priced personal tour guide trip in Iceland. Sultan from Iceland Paradise Tours who took us on a two-day adventure to the Golden Circle and South Coast. Also he added additional sightseeing stops and even brought treats for the kids shows his attention to detail and thoughtfulness. On the day of returning back from South coast tour late in the night. He stopped immediately to safer location as soon as we spotted Northern Lights. That was added Bonus for our trip. He ensured he took best photographs throughout the trip for our memory. He has been very responsive from initial planning point from the day we contacted him on Facebook messenger and continued planning on what’s app. He addressed all our questions while planning trip. He went above and beyond to make our trip truly memorable, he accommodated our needs specially given we were traveling with kids (Age 9 & 10). He is very respectful about his tourist and always arrived punctual on time. We also had booked airport transfer with him which was flawless. His knowledge and passion for the stunning Icelandic landscapes truly shone through as he expertly navigated us through all these breathtaking locations. Not only did he provide insightful commentary and historical context, but he also went above and beyond to ensure that our tour was personalized to our interests and preferences. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, our guide curated a memorable itinerary that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend him as tour guide for anyone looking to explore Iceland in a unique, convenient, personalized to cater to your travel needs. Thank you Sultan for an unforgettable memories of Iceland. We are definitely planning to return back for summer trip to Iceland.
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